Hairforce Hårtillskott

Hairforce Hårtillskott
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Hairforce Professional is a nutritional supplement for hair, skin and nails.It has a broad formula that works from multiple angles, which makes it a supplement for different beauty applications, hair as well as for skin and nails. Hairforce promotes healthy hair, skin and nails by:-Strengthening the body’s own production of collagen and elastin (iodine, zinc, magnesium, selenium, manganese and B-vitamins).-Improving microcirkulation and supply of nutrients to scalp and skin (sage and rosemary).-Balancing and supporting the hormonal system (zinc, B-vitamins, sage).-Activating and stimulating hair follicles (biotin, magnesium).-Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant action (sage, rosemary, selenium and more).Hairforce contains more active ingredients than any other supplement for hair and beauty. Easily absorbable ingredients of the highest quality - chelated minerals, methylated B-vitamins (in their ’natural’ form).What results can you expect and who will benefit from Hairforce?Hair – after several thousand customers have used Hairforce we know that:1) Unnatural, temporary hair loss can usually be reduced in as short as two weeks.4) Some customers notice an increased feeling of volume during the first month. 2) Many notice faster growth during the first or second month.3) During the second or beginning of the third month it is common to see better quality on outgrowths, this means improved strength, flexibility and thickness. 5) Hair follicles that “wake up” (stuck in disrupted growth cycles) and become active again are usually seen following 2.5 months, often noticeable as “babyhairs” around the edges of the forehead. 6) Hairforce can help balance an excessive oily or dry scalp. Improved scalp health is actually another effect of Hairforce. Watch for healthier scalp colour, as microcirculation improves. 7) Hairstylists often say that colouring and treatments work better when the customer started using Hairforce.Nails – are often where customers notice improvements first - they grow faster, become stronger and less brittle. The results often come surprisingly fast, in a couple of weeks. But it takes about 3 months for a completely new and stronger nail to form.Skin - our customers tell us that they notice an improved ability to maintain moisture, improved smoothness and better lustre. It is not a wrinkle cure, but a “facelift in a pill” that can be noticed in an overall improved firmness and moisture level that may reduce fine lines. Hairforce has positive results on adult acne, irritated/sensitive skin, and atopic eczema. Hairforce is also sold by skin therapists. Eyelashes – our customers have noticed pronounced effects on eyelashes, that grow faster, become stronger and longer, often during the second month of use. The results on lashes seem to vary from person to person.It is not uncommon to hear from customers who have noticed a positive effect on joints – i e improved flexibility and less pain. It is not what we sell Hairforce for, but it is a nice bonus for some users.How to use HairforceWe recommend 4 tablets/day, but the daily dose can be adjusted according to body weight (3 tablets/day if you weigh less than 52 kgs). Some users step down to a smaller dose, for example half the dose, after five-six months and then continue with such a ‘maintenance dose’ when results have already shown. A treatment usually lasts 5-10 months. It is ok to use Hairforce all year round if you want.You can take all four tablets at once, for example in the morning, or divide the dose on morning/evening if convenient.Hairforce is primarily sold by hairstylists and skin therapists.Developed and manufactured in Sweden.Hairforce does not contain copper.No colourings or artificial sweeteners.Can be used by vegans.IngredientsIngredients per daily dose, 4 tablets:MSM (organic sulphur) 1280 mgSilica 180 mgVitamin B1 20 mgVitamin B2 24 mgVitamin B3 40 mgVitamin B5 80 mgVitamin B6 20 mgFolate 80 mcgVitamin B12 50 mcgBiotin 1000 mcgInositol 40 mgCholine 40 mgPABA 24 mgZinc 12 mgManganese 5 mgSelenium 30 mcgMagnesium 96 mgIodine 468 mcgVitamin C 100 mgRosemary 240 mgClary Sage 240 mgThe ingredients and what they do:MSM – organic sulfur - MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane, and is an organic sulfur that is essential for all living beings. MSM is found in especially high concentrations in hair, skin, nails, joints and other connective tissue. Sulfur is used by the body to form keratin and collagen, giving shape, strength and flexibility to tissues. Organic sulfur is found naturally in small quantities in fruits, vegetables and meat. MSM is called nature’s premier beauty mineral.Silica - is an important building block of hair, skin, nails and connective tissue. Silica promotes the formation of collagen which is a protein found in connective tissue which makes skin firm and smooth. Hairforce contains extracts from young bamboo stalks that are a rich, natural Hairforce Hårtillskott