Nordbo Mage Soft 60 Caps

Nordbo Mage Soft 60 Caps
Brand: Nordbo
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Mage Soft is a supplement for easier and more regular toilet visits. With Triphala, Actazin® and magnesium hydroxide.Triphala is a well-established extract of Indian gooseberry, bahera fruit and tropical almond, that contributes to regular intestinal function.Actazin® is an organic kiwi extract with important fibers, enzymes and polyphenols for normal intestinal function and protein breakdown. Actazin® also acts as food for the good intestinal bacteria.Magnesium hydroxide binds fluid to the stool, which means that the content increases in volume and becomes less solid. This stimulates the bowel’s natural movements and facilitates toilet visits.1-3 capsules per day Nordbo Mage Soft 60 Caps