Ecooking Good Night Cream 50 ml

Ecooking Good Night Cream 50 ml
Brand: Ecooking
Size: 50
46.5 EUR

Goodnight Cream gives you fresherand smoother skin while you sleep. Your skin profits by being pampered during thenight where it has time to absorb all the nourishingingredients from your skin care products. WithGoodnight Cream, from our 50+ series, your skin canget the ultimate beauty sleep. The cream has bothmoisturising and firming properties, which help yourskin regenerate and minimize wrinkles and fine lines.So, while you’re in dreamland, your skin will berenewed by CBD that strengthens your skin witha lot of fatty acids, mineral salts, and vitamins.Furthermore, your skin receives long-lasting moisturefrom the cream’s hyaluronic acid and electrolytes.Finally, the stem cells in the cream, from olive trees,tightens the skin and gives it new energy. Therefore,you’ll wake up with skin that feels fresher andsmoother than when you went to bed.AllergyCertified, vegan, dermatologically tested, andfragrance free.Goodnight Cream contains e.g.:– CBD from citrus peel which renews and refreshesthe skin due to its high content of rich mineralsalts, Vitamin A, D and E as well as fatty acids.– Stem cells that are natural plant stem cell extracts.Add energy to mature skin and firm and– renew the skin.– Electrolytes (Magnesium PCA, Calcium PCA,Zinc PCA, Manganese PCA) that rebuild the skinbarrier and maintain the moisture in the skin.– Hyaluronic acid which moisturises the skin andminimises fine lines and wrinkles.– Squalane that protects and smooths the skin.HOW TO USEApply Goodnight Cream to your face every night aftercleansing your skin.PACKAGING INFORMATIONDelivered in a 50 ml sugar cane tube with pump Ecooking Good Night Cream 50 ml