Allergies And Rashes

Allergy Signs

One of the signs that you have an allergy is a rash. Most times this is known as allergic contact dermatitis, which means that your skin has come into contact with an allergen. The typical reaction includes a bump in the skin, redness and most commonly incredible itchiness. Another way to identify if the rash you have was caused by an allergen is the colour. In most cases, the spot will become very red.

Some common allergens include pets, different types of soap, dust and the chemicals in cosmetics. While there has been a firm connection established between allergies and asthma it seems that dust and skin allergies have a totally different relationship. 

Allergic Reactions

Sometimes it’s easy to track down what has caused the reaction. For example, most people who come into contact with poison ivy will have an allergic reaction in the form of a rash. That being said these allergies are not always caused by external factors. Sometimes a person can get a rash from the type of food they eat. 

One of the most common causes of these type of allergic rashes come from nickel. Nickel is used in the making of jewellery and a lot of people notice after wearing certain types of jewellery for extended periods that their skin becomes irritated and they experience the symptoms that we mentioned above.

Female with rash or papule and scratchon her arm from allergies,Health allergy skin care problem

Treating Rashes

While some people may get brief rashes that go away on their own, others get more prolonged rashes that need treatment. A common type of prolonged allergic rash is when the body overproduces histamine in response to allergen and forms hives on the skin. For these people, allergies can be a bit more stressful. If a person experiences acute hives they can usually treat this with cream or salve available at a pharmacy. However, there are those who get chronic hives and may experience these symptoms for months at a time and in more severe cases, even years.

Rashes From Insect Bites

A more treatable allergic rash, in most cases, comes from insect bites. Typically, these occur after being bit by a mosquito or maybe a spider. They usually go away on their own after about seven days. Within recent times researchers have also found a link between certain conditions like anxiety and depression and allergic rashes. They are still exploring the connection between mental health and the appearance of rashes.

Thankfully, there are now many home remedies as well as pharmaceuticals that can help a person who is having an allergic reaction that manifests as a skin rash.