YOPE Kitchen Hand Lotion Mineral 300 ml

YOPE Kitchen Hand Lotion Mineral 300 ml
Brand: YOPE
Size: 300
10.9 EUR

Mineral Natural Regenerating Hand LotionKitchen hand moisturiser with nourishing minerals and the fresh scent of mineral-rich sea air.Moisture and regeneration for hands that have been busy cooking and washing up, formulated with essential minerals and a great fragrance that will linger in the kitchen and on the skin for a long time after application.Kitchen chores leave hands chapped, red and irritated. That’s why we’ve created this great formula, which soothes, moisturises and protects your skin.YOPE Mineral Natural Hand Lotion contains- olive oil, to soften and smooth the skin,- glycerine, for a strong moisturising effect,- shea butter, to moisturise, soften, smooth and support skin regeneration,- cetearyl glucoside, a nourishing surfactant of plant origin that prevents dryness,- moisturising and regenerating coconut oil,- moisturising and protective sorbitan olivate from olive oil to guard against moisture loss,- glyceryl stearate, a plant-derived emulsifier with moisturising and smoothing properties,- tsubaki oil to smooth and soften the skin,- argan oil, which inhibits skin ageing and supports regeneration.We’ve added a fortifying mineral complex to restore the proper functioning of skin cells, which consists of- aluminium,- copper,- potassium,- magnesium,- sodium,- zinc.Create a matching kitchen hand care set by pairing this product with our mineral-rich hand soap from the same range!Use after washing your hands and as often as necessary. By massaging the cream into the hands, this fantastisk, fresh scent is released.300 ml YOPE Kitchen Hand Lotion Mineral 300 ml