EKULF Triple Oral Care

EKULF Triple Oral Care
Brand: EKULF
Size: 0
7.5 EUR

Mouthwash that has a good effect against gingivitis, strengthens the enamel, prevents acid attacks and reduces viruses in the oral cavity.EKULF TripleOralCare mouthwash is a short-term treatment that contains a combination of active ingredients, including chlorhexidine (CHX) 0.12% which has a good effect against gingivitis. The high fluoride content (NaF) 0.2% strengthens the tooth surface and counteracts caries. Cetylpyridine chloride (CPC) 0.5% helps to reduce the virus in the oral cavity. TripleOralCare mouthwash has a good mint taste that gives a fresh breath.300 ml EKULF Triple Oral Care